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It's not Rocket Science. It's Pocket Science.

A Rebellion 18 Years in the Making

Our Story

Our story begins back in 2000, when Laura and Scott Jordan - our future Pocket entrepreneurs - realized the world of fashion was light years behind the ever-changing world of technology. The modern world was giving us amazing new gadgets to make our lives better: cell phones, portable cameras, chargers, mp3 players (remember those?) and other portable electronic devices. But alas, when it came time to carry around our awesome new toys, we were stuck fumbling through bags and backpacks with the constant worry we might forget something, have our bags stolen, or just lose our keys in the abyss of a purse or briefcase.

Laura was tired of carrying all of Scott’s gadgets in her bags and Scott’s traditional pockets couldn’t carry everything he needed...and a man purse was out of the question. Scott had a brilliant idea: he would create a modified fisherman’s vest but with extra pockets, enough to hold all of his essentials but still stylish enough to wear out around town.

Those were the humble beginnings of SCOTTeVEST, a company that has evolved into an international business with a full line of intelligent clothing for men and women expertly designed by our Pocket Scientists to make life better. Who says you can’t have it all?

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The Difference Is Inside

SCOTTeVEST revolutionized the clothing industry with a very simple idea: people need better, smarter pockets! While this is not rocket science, it is pocket science – and engineering clothing with as many as 42 pockets comes with a laundry list of considerations and challenges.

From strategic pocket size and placement, to more advanced features such as the Personal Area Network®, Weight Management System and TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing), SCOTTeVEST has left no stone unturned in its quest to create the most useful and versatile garments on the market.

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So what is Pocket Science?

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When you want to revolutionize the clothing industry, you can’t just slap some extra fabric on a vest and call it a day. You may think, “It’s just pockets, it’s not like it’s rocket science.” But you would be wrong! When you’re adding as many as 42 pockets onto a piece of clothing, each with its own engineered purpose, there is a laundry list of considerations and challenges. What will be going in these pockets? How heavy will it be? Should the pockets be hidden? Should we add a zipper? Velcro? Magnets! So yeah… not rocket science, but definitely Pocket Science! And while they’re not sending monkeys into space, we think our Scientists are pretty darn special.

We’re not a clothing company, we’re a tool company. We have changed the lives of thousands of customers with our Personal Area Network®, Weight Management System and TEC (Technology Enabled Clothing). We don’t just make clothes, we engineer tools for life.

Our eVESTS are amazing and have made us world famous, but we knew we could do more. Why not revolutionize EVERY type of clothing? And we did! From casual hoodies and athletic shirts, to more professional shirts, slacks and dresses, we have something to fit every moment of your life. Masterfully designed with the on-the-go lifestyle in mind, we create garments that can be worn from the airport to the office, and effortlessly transition from cool mornings to warm afternoons. Your adventure may lie across the world or across town, carrying gadgets galore, kid kits, or just your everyday essentials (plus a water bottle). Our pockets will keep you organized and prepared in all of life’s adventures.

We even have a few of our Pocket Scienctists dedicated to help you find the perfect garment to suit your needs as well as make sure you get the right fit. Wear it once and you’ll understand all the detail that goes into creating fully-functional fashion designed for your life. We guarantee it!

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Our Team

(aka Pocket Scientists)


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